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Great Local Markets in Bangkok – A Guide for A Foodie

Thai food is usually great, not a lot of restaurants and street stalls will ruin the taste for you. But still if you are looking for even greater food experience in Bangkok, you should visit the local markets,

Soi Rambuttri, in Banlamphu:

The far corner of this street is a night market where you can find great Thai food at local rate. The food at the 7-11 is delicious, but very spicy.

Sukhimvit Soi 33:

This is the place where you can choose anyone from every single Thai dish you can imagine, and will usually be done and just pay no more than two dollars. Even the local friends I went there with were impressed with the Pad Thai.

Sukhimvit Soi 38:

This corner of the street becomes crowded with people in the evening as the street vendors set up their stall at about 5 pm every day. The food is delicious, and very cheap.