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4 Ways to Stay Fit on Your Pittsburgh Vacation

During your trip to Pittsburgh, you’ll probably be gorging yourself on Primanti’s sandwiches, pierogies, and Eat’n Park smiley cookies. Counteract some of those calories by staying active. Use this list of activities to plan out your fitness routine.

Walk or Bike the Three Rivers Heritage Trail

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is a 24-mile path that extends along all of Pittsburgh’s three rivers. Much of the way is paved, making it a perfect place to rent a bike from the Healthy Ride share system and pedal around. One of the most notable sections of the trail is the stretch that goes along the Rivers Casino, Heinz Field, and PNC Park, which are three of the city’s most identifiable landmarks. Whether you just want to go for a walk or you’re trying to get to Millvale, Station Square, the South Side, or Schenley Park, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail can help.

Kayak One of the Three Rivers

Pittsburgh has the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela Rivers all coursing through its center, making it a great locale for water sports. In particular, many people love kayaking along Pittsburgh’s North Shore.

Kayak rentals are available from Venture Outdoors, located right next to PNC Park under the Sixth Street Bridge. Once you drop into the water, you have nearly unlimited routes to travel. Stay at the confluence and enjoy the sights of Point State Park, head up the Monongahela to stop at Southside Riverfront, paddle up the Allegheny to see Washington’s Landing, or try the Ohio to see Brunot Island.

Climb the Steps of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a lot of hills. In fact, it’s home to the steepest street in the world, Canton Avenue, with a 37 percent grade. Because of this, the city has over 700 sets of steps to help residents climb from one street to another. In some cases, these steps are even classified as streets, making for some confusion when using your GPS to get around.

Confusion aside, these steps are great places to burn some calories. One popular route is trekking up the South Side Slopes, which is a community built entirely on the side of a hill. The Church Route starts at 15th and Carson Streets and heads up the hill past several churches. In total, there are 379 steps up, and 441 steps down.

Book a Hotel with a Gym or Pool

Of course, if it’s cold or dreary out, all of these options might be impractical. That’s why you should book a hotel with a pool, so you also have a backup way to burn some calories. Swimming laps is a great way to get in your cardio, while using the hotel gym lets you train specific muscles. If you’re on a more traditional fitness routine that requires timed cardio or lifting, access to a gym or pool ensures you won’t have to sacrifice your goals. If you have a YMCA membership, you can also check out one of the three different locations in downtown Pittsburgh to get access to more gym equipment.

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to turn into a couch potato. Use these tips to stay active while you’re in Pittsburgh.