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3 Ways to Get Away From the Water in Virginia Beach

When people think about Virginia Beach, their minds automatically turn to the beach itself, which is understandable but ignores the fact that the city holds a variety of other treasures. It’s a hot spot for history buffs, thrill seekers, and nature lovers who enjoy spending all their time out of doors, so theoretically, you don’t even have to step foot on the sand during your vacation. Instead, explore the history of the area, get up close with the local flora and fauna, and give yourself time to relax and have fun with your holiday buddies.

Get in Touch with History at First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park is a huge draw in Virginia Beach. Out of all the state parks in Virginia, it’s the one locals, and tourists visit the most because it’s the site where Jamestown’s colonists reached the New World, all the way back in 1607. Visitors today can explore the park’s 3,000 acres using the trails winding through the scenic area. You can camp there, whether you choose to pitch a tent or rent a gorgeous cabin. Choose the right spot, and you’re within walking distance of the beach, should you decide to include some water fun in your vacation.

Climb to the Top of the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Right across the road from First Landing State Park is the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, the first one to ever receive authorization from Congress. It’s within the bounds of Fort Story, so you have to show your ID to get in, but it’s worth it to pull out your wallet. Built in the 1790s, the lighthouse was fundamental for the trades that took place along the coasts of Maryland and Virginia because it illuminated the Chesapeake Bay, making it safer for ships to navigate.

It takes 191 steps to reach the top of the lighthouse. Climbing up to such a steep height is a workout, and the lighthouse gets awfully hot during the summer months. For all of that, the panoramic views from the top will steal your breath before you catch it back. You can’t miss the sight of the bay and the sea beyond.

Spend the Day at a Park

Not only does Virginia have a wealth of gorgeous state parks, but it has numerous entertainment parks, as well. If you love playing games and enjoying thrills on vacation, then you should spend the day racing go-karts and going on adventures. Check out hotels near Motor World, for example, where there’s something for everyone: Kiddie City for the young’uns, Skycoaster for the adrenaline junkies, and bumper boats for a competitive cooldown. Ocean Breeze Waterpark is nearby, just in case you want to get wet after your race.

Just because you’re in Virginia Beach, that doesn’t mean that you’re required to have a beach-themed vacation. You might want to stroll along the shore or wander the boardwalk, but there’s plenty of fun that you can have without ever getting damp. How do you prefer to spend your time in Virginia Beach?